Why Choose Natural Cosmetics Over Conventional Ones?

From shampoo, gel, creams, soap, body fragrance, makeup, and baby products, there is actually a long list of beauty products, but why choose natural cosmetics? The answers are also endless, but the main concern is the real value that we give to ourselves and even the world we live in.

It simply means that being natural means also taking care of our health and Mother Nature.

Here’s a tip why it is best to be natural and we even recommend looking for natural cosmetics Italy as one of your top options.

why choose natural makeup products

First of all, these natural products are good for the skin and the health of the person who uses them. There had been several scientific studies that already confirmed that synthetic cosmetics contain harmful substances.

From one of the researches conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, an ingredient known as parabens could increase the risk of breast cancer even at very small doses. And the sad truth is that, this ingredient is very common among creams, lotions, and makeup.

sample of cosmetics

We strongly advise, that it takes a lot of common-sense approach in buying our makeup and skincare regimen. If the product is intended to stay on your skin all day such as the foundation and moisturizer, then better switch to cleaner and natural alternatives. You can start by simply looking for an organic and natural replacement for your daily sunscreen products, soap, lotion, and even a deodorant. Then, slowly switch to conditioner, shampoo, skincare, and makeup products so that your skin and body can adjust to it and to avoid any skin irritation afterward.

Why beauty ingredients are a very important concern and the reason why you should start looking for natural skin and beauty care line

As we mention, parabens are one of the harmful ingredients that are common in cosmetic products. These are preservatives and antimicrobial chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria and molds in beauty products. However, the problem with this product is that it can mimic estrogen in the human body which can have a negative impact on the reproductive organ and thyroid organ. This can lead to hormone-related cancers and even obesity. 

There’s even a recent study published in Human Reproduction magazine, that parabens in beauty products are linked to onset puberty among girls. 

Fragrances are synthetic or natural chemicals that are added to beauty products to make them smell good. While phthalates keep these fragrances last longer and make nail polishes and hair sprays pliable. However, these chemicals are also linked to reproductive and hormonal problems among children and men. Several studies had identified that this can reduce sperm count, breast cancers, infertility, and cardiovascular diseases.

Fragrances can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks especially among children.

Thus, by knowing these harmful effects, it is very important to always read the product labels and look for stores that sell natural products. Like, the natural cosmetics, who have a good reputation when it comes to transparency and sustainable approach in their care line products that are committed to going green slogan.

Hence, we strongly recommend you start with these kinds of products. And if you are into natural products from soap, shampoo, body wash, toner, and other skincare, we like you to visit Boyd’s Madison Avenue as a good start to shop for natural cosmetics online.

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