Contouring Through the Generations

The legacy of Boyd’s is one of classic beauty and glamour. Situated on Madison Avenue and 61st Street in Manhattan, Boyd’s Cosmetics was the beauty destination for fabulous New York women of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

Originally Boyd Chemists in the 1940s, the apothecary faced overwhelming competition when discount drug stores began to crop up in the '60s.  

That's when Carol Fader, Boyd's Vice President, and co-owner combined her keen imagination with her love of fashion, culture, and makeup to spark an avant-guard revolution in the cosmetics industry.

Hailed as "The Beauty Brain" by The New York Times,  Carol hired one cosmetician and arranged a dazzling cosmetics counter, stocked with a carefully chosen palette of exclusive products and luxury items that she and her husband Al sourced from all over the world in their travels.  

Women were invited to sit at the counter for an "in-store makeover" and were given a personalized how-to face chart with detailed instructions to create the same professional results at home. It didn't take long for the word to get out. Carol Fader is to thank for the in-store makeovers practiced today by the biggest names in cosmetics.    

"Boyd's is a phenomenon" - Paul Woolard, (President, Revlon 1962-1986)  

By 1966 Carol’s vision had expanded to include 30 makeup artists and a clientele that included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Cher, and Grace Kelly. Cosmeticians lined up for a chance to train and work in Boyd's, chief among them was a renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur Trish McEvoy.

Barbara Glenn was the very first professional makeup artist hired and is credited for training over 500 artists. She opened Boyd’s franchises all over the country and sold their top products on CVN in Minneapolis, MN.

Below are Barbara's Contouring tips that have withstood the decades.  Barbara will continue to share expertise from a lifetime spent in the beauty industry. 


Get a bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone. I prefer using powder, I find it much easier than a cream. Using a contour brush is especially effective!

Contouring the nose

I use a light pink or cream-colored pencil down the middle of the nose-first. Then apply your bronzer on either side of the pencil, blend with either a Q-tip or sponge for the best least costly nose job you have ever had!

Contouring the face

Contouring is done after foundation and after concealer.

  • Step 1: Foundation
  • Step 2: Concealer
  • Step 3: Mineral Powder
  • Step 4: Contouring

Upon using my pictures as a guide, I show the square boxes for contouring with bronzer and the dark boxes are for blush application.

Long Face

Contour with bronzer, using the correct bronzer brush, on the upper forehead as well as the chin area, making your face appear narrower. The black squares are for blush application.

Square Face

Apply your bronzer on either side of your forehead, the lower sides of your face, as well as your chin. Blush goes on the middle part of the cheek when you smile.


Round Face

Apply your bronzer on either side of your forehead as well as the chin. Blush goes one inch from the eye down onto the cheek.

Heart Face

The bronzer goes on either side of the forehead as well as the chin area. Blush is applied from the ear to the middle of the eye.

Teardrop Face

Apply bronzer on the middle top part of the forehead and all across the lower jawline. Blush is applied one inch from the middle of the eye area down toward the cheek.

Oval Face

Apply Bronzer on the middle of the forehead as well as the middle of the chin. Blush is applied from the ear down to one inch from the middle of the eye.


This Boyd’s Madison Avenue is the resurgence and revival of the iconic apothecary. Here you will find the very same beauty staples used by the most famous faces and enjoy new classics we’ve carefully curated for the modern woman.

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