How To Create The Eurphoria Makeup Look

When I took a seat to view "Ecstasy", I figured I'd be looking at a Gen Z-version of Skinsall drugs and teenage promiscuity, ripe for 15-year-olds to watch on their laptop computers when their parents believe they're asleep. However then I started watching and The makeup. The makeup!!! Considering that the very first episode, it's all everyone's been speaking about.


In Ecstasy, Doniella uses makeup as a window to how the characters are feeling. "Makeup is mentally expressive," she told me, "and can express paradox, playfulness, contumacy, pleasure, valiancy, condition, vulnerability, desiring to be enjoyed, not desiring to be loved, delirium, elation, heartbreak, confusion, rebirth, surrealism, marvel, anxiety, and bliss obviously."

Euphoria' Makeup

The expressiveness advised me how extreme sensations you are when you're a teen years later, they still seem so vivid.

"Frequently we are under the gun of time when getting our actors prepared, and don't actually have time to begin over," said Doniella. "Even with all the planning we did, in some cases, shit would go sideways and we'd need to develop a creative repair on the spot. To be sincere, a mixture of deliberate design and innovative improvising makes for the most effective appearances."

Here are the steps to the Euphoria makeup look

Step 1. Start with the liner before the glitter

I started this look with Boyd's eyeliner since I find it most convenient, but Doniella exposed she discovers them too slippery. "My favored approach for winged eyeliner is a flat, angled eyeliner brush, a pot of cream eyeliner, and a lot of practice and persistence. I likewise like to utilize scotch tape to assist me to attain a straight and crisp line."

I could not find any rhinestones small enough to make this appearance work, so instead, I took a pot of PIXNOR Holographic Chunky Body Glitter, smeared some on my hand, and fished out the biggest sequins.

glam to feathered brows

Step 2. Don't overdo your eye mascara

I believe it looked pretty close! I ended up the look with a lot of coats of Luxury mascara and a swipe of Holographic Boyd's lip gloss. Back to Jules! The pink is Purple Fusion from the Magnetic Eye Shadow Palette combination once again, applied with my fingers, all over my lid.

To make it glittery, I used Stila Glitter & Radiance with Holographic Cosmetic Festival Chunky Glitter on top and diffused it as much as I could.

Step 3. Adding the accessories with eyelash extensions

Euphoria' Head Makeup

In the show, Jules wears this look in an especially tense moment, and although Tom told me my eyes "looked sad" this day, I thought it was quite great. For my last look, I went big with these stick-on pearls I found on Amazon. I likewise got eyelash extensions unrelated to this story! But I have to confess, they include the appearance.

Step 4. Accessory placement around your eyeliner

I used three different sizes with the largest going smack at the edge of my eye, and I put the medium ones on either side of it. For the rest, I utilized the smallest pearls.

No strange appearances, no double takes, no concerns about my makeup (other than from one pharmacist who asked about the pearls while handing me my contraception).
See yourself comfortable, positive. Use all of these looks again.
Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

Doniella echoes this, saying, "I was motivated to press through existing makeup standards, and introduce a brand-new makeup language; a way of going beyond mainstream archetypes and stereotypes and embracing a more fluid, boundary-pushing mode of self-expression (euphoria eye makeup)." It was great to be reminded of that. Oh, and if you're reading this high school, Ali? It's all going to be OK.

HBO's new drama "Euphoria" has actually gathered important recognition for its raw representation of modern-day teenagers. Viewers are likewise fond of each character's special sense of design usually topped with sequins, shine, sharp eyeliner, and colorful eyeshadow.

However in addition to its nuanced expeditions of trauma, young love, and addiction, "Bliss" also provides an aesthetically awesome watching experience.

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