How Game of Thrones Became Game of Hair

We were all anxiously awaiting the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere and it certainly did not disappoint.

Everyone agrees that the series is a phenomenon.

Even those that have yet to see a single episode, are aware of the characters and imagery that have left so many of us in front of our TVs or tablets wanting more.

Much like HBO’s previous hit series, Sex and the City, the effects on pop culture have been profound and will surely outlive the series when it ends.

Almost two years ago, while attending the BeautyCon Festival in LA, I noticed among the perfectly groomed eyebrows and unicorn-inspired hair color, another trend was emerging. Young women with the most beautiful and intricate braids browsing the exhibits.

Others had colored their long wavy locks shades of silver or platinum with pieces held in place with delicate clips or barrettes. Here they were with their gossamer-like tresses, almost ethereal in appearance. I called it “the Khaleesi effect”.

While I had cursed GOT for spawning the man bun; this was entirely different.

The Mother of Dragons is coming and she’s gunning to style your hair

GOT hair trend that I witnessed in LA, is in full effect.

It inspired the splinter trends in hair accessories that were seen this past February on runways of New York, Paris, and Milan.

Headbands, long a staple of the Preppy Handbook, are in the midst of an enormous comeback.

The padded headband has been inspired by the regal crowns of the GOT characters. New materials like leather, styles like the mock turban, and colors like fuchsia have further invigorated the category.

Headbands have once again become essential for notables like the Duchess of Cambridge, Nicole Kidman, and Haley Baldwin. Boyd's, of course, being ahead of trends, has a large selection of the latest fabric headbands from Anna Fashion and embellished headbands from Charles J Wahba and Janeke.

Barrettes, the oft-maligned way to hold back unruly bangs, are also experiencing a renaissance.

In addition to the dainty Khaleesi like braid accessories, large rhinestone barrettes worn in multiples have become so on-trend that they found their way into the Fall 2019 lookbooks of top designers.

The look is inspired, minus the fur coat, by Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Margot, in the movie the Royal Tenebaum’s. A classic aesthetic with a modern twist and flare. This is also a look that can transcend age; a little sparkle in the right spot is all it takes to look be a trendsetter without looking like you’ve hijacked the bandwagon.

There are some amazing Charles J Wahba hair accessories to liven up spring look at Boyd’s.

With this stylish direction in hair accessories, I am willing to forgive the Game of Thrones for the man bun.

Game Thrones image property of HBO

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