6 Reasons Why Lead Free Lipstick is More Kissable

There’s just something about wearing those luscious red lips. As others would say, the lips are deviously irresistible.  But do you that lead-free lipstick is even more kissable? If you want to know why these 6 reasons why natural lipsticks are far better.

 Last 2012, the FDA tested different lipstick brands and found out that it contains lead in the amount of seven parts per million.  This was the same lead that was used in petrol which was banned because of the harmful effects it has when people can breathe it in.

Lead is a neurotoxin which too much of it in the body can destroy the brain chemistry.  This is really scary, especially if you used it every day as part of your daily regime.

 Although, there were just low levels of lead in lipstick products and these do not pose a health risk. But this is something contradictory because even if these are just low level, women usually apply lipstick over their lips more than thrice a day. This can even lead to lead swallowing over prolonged years of using it.

 But before you quit using your favorite shade, there is a safer alternative for it- natural and lead-free lipsticks.  These are made with all-natural ingredients by different makeup brands nowadays. And most of these lipsticks do not contain any metal content like lead.

 What’s with Natural Lipsticks?

 So, what do really these lipsticks have to offer in place of the synthetic ones? Here are 6 reasons to convince you that they will make your lips more kissable.

  1. No Lead Content

Aside from lead, there are other toxic metals found in synthetic lipstick. This includes chromium that can cause vomiting and dizziness even in a small amount. And also, aluminum can lead to sore throats fever and headache. Long term exposure to these toxins can pose health risks.

Even if government agencies such as the FDA had taken measures to crack it down, this is not enough. The best solution is to make natural lipsticks that are made of natural ingredients.

  1. Nourish your Lips

Fruits are a common ingredient of natural lipsticks. This makes it a reliable source of vitamins.  While synthetic versions are causing health risks because of the toxic ingredient, natural lipstick products, on the other hand, work on nourishing your lips even in small doses.

As you lick your lips from time to time, you are actually enjoying its natural goodness and making you safe since this is made of fruits and other natural ingredients.

  1. Keeps your lips hydrated

Say goodbye to cracked and chapped lips while using organic lipsticks.  Having lead-free lipsticks mean being natural and even keeps you hydrated. This is possible since a lot of lipstick brands include herbal gems as an ingredient to keep your lips moisturized.

Many organic lipsticks are making an all-natural moisturizing lipstick with its beeswax and jojoba oil ingredient.  With an added, natural lip balm, that lock in the moisture, make it a top pick for having those all-natural looking lips.

  1. Perfect for Sensitive Lips

Aside from health risks that synthetic lipstick can have, this can even harm your sensitive lips. It is easy to find cheap lipstick that only irritates and cracks your lips. What’s worse, is to find out that you are even allergic to those popular lipstick brands.

With natural, it gives you only natural options that free you from any irritation. It is also gentle in your lips which will not give you any adverse reactions such as lips cracking and irritation.

  1. Apply All You Want

What is good at having to wear all natural is that you can actually apply it without getting guilty about it. This is different from applying synthetic ones because this will only maximize the toxins that you can swallow. With natural lipstick, you can apply all you want without worrying about any dangers involved in it.

  1. Animal Friendly

This is perfect for animal lovers, especially those who love to kiss their pets while putting their lipstick. Natural lipsticks are clinically tested. Most natural brands are eco-friendly, making you assured that you can go natural all you want without harming your pet.

Natural reassures you that you are safe from the harmful effects of lead and other chemicals that can pose a health risk to anyone. Having all-natural, gentle, hypo-allergenic, moisturizing and eco-friendly lipsticks to wear every day, is the very reason why you are going to be more kissable.

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