Makeup For Beginners...Budget Friendly Starter Makeup Kit

Are you one of those who are excited to start putting those brushes into your face?  Are you confused about which product to buy with the many makeup brands available to you?

Before you do anything, here’s a basic guide for beginners and the best makeup essentials needed to put into their makeup kit on a budget.

Facial Makeup


boyds powder foundation


Always remember that before you start putting makeup on, you must start with clean skin.  After washing your face and applying moisturizer, the first step is using the foundation.

If you want to avoid the cakey look always apply foundation using a beauty sponge, or any makeup brush accessories. This allows the foundation to absorb easily by the skin and allows you to gradually put the right amount that matches your skin's complexion.


boyd's concealer

This is a must-have in any applying makeup routine.  Concealer is responsible for giving a filtered finish. Now, this is one of the trickiest makeup essentials for beginners. Since this requires mastery to achieve such a look. There are two main differences when buying concealer, one for the face and the eye.

Face concealer tends to be dense and dry which covers up blemishes and discoloration in the face. Place eye concealer under your eyes.

Tip: If you are using a hydrating concealer that gives a soft look of any fine lines.


boyd's matte bronzer

This is also a must-have product in your makeup kit. Bronzer adds a touch of color to your facial skin. Remember, if you do not want to overdo it, dust a little bronzer around your hairline, cheekbones, and neck to giving instant life to your makeup.

Eye Makeup


boyd's liquid eyeliner

Various eye makeup products are other important vital items that every woman should have in their starter kits.

Eyeliner can make a difference with your makeup look between day and night. For first time users, we recommend going with a pencil eyeliner which is less fussy and easy to apply.

To use eyeliner, start by applying the color in the middle of the eye and gently apply a bit of stroke onto your eyelashes and then gradually work your way to the outer part of the eye.


boyd's luxury mascara

It is about time to lengthen those eyelashes with the use of mascara. Mascara tends to darken, thickens, and lengthens the lashes. Just simply dipped the bristles and apply one to two coats. Presto!

Eyeshadow Palette

boyd's eyeshadow palette

Always go for neutral colors when choosing an eyeshadow palette. We recommend sticking with bronze, browns, taupe, and cream-colored shadows since they are easy to blend and look great for all eye colors.

Lip Makeup


boyd's luxury lipstick

Of course, we cannot forget to lavish those juicy lips with makeup. Every woman should have a neutral and pop color of lipsticks in her makeup purse. Make sure to stick to formulas that give more hydration to your lips.

Find the perfect shade for your lips by choosing a color that is darker than your natural tone to create a perfect blend of color.

Lip Balm

axiology lip balm

Do not forget to give those lips that need some hydrating look with lip balm. This also protects your lips from getting dried or chapped. This is also a must essential in any makeup kit.

In conclusion to a starter makeup kit

So there it is; start looking for these makeup products now, and complete them in your makeup kit. These are the basic products you can afford so you can perfect your everyday look and daily makeup routine.

Learn more about choosing the best beauty and makeup products from Boyd’s Madison Avenue is your online choice for the best makeup store.


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