Makeup Hacks That Surely Works

If you are into the latest trend of the makeup world, you will get updated to what really works and what is the latest today. But despite the new brands, formulas and technology that come to beauty products, the true beauty of applying makeup lie in doing a DIY routine that every woman finds comfortable to do so.

Here's some practical advice on how to put on your makeup the practical way.

  1. Apply fresh

If you want to achieve successful output in applying your makeup, do it after washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the face. With the use of warm water, facial massage, and creams, you can plump up those wrinkle lines, remove away flakes, and hydrate your skin. This means that there are no gaps between cleansing, moisturizing, and applying makeup. This becomes a daily routine for every woman.

  1. Do the Eye Makeup First

This is one smart advice in every makeup application. Do the eye makeup before the face makeup. You will have not to worry about a powder falling out your cheeks since that can be covered by a foundation or a concealer.  Prepping your lids with a primer or eye shadow first will keep your eye makeup fresh and will give a smooth and even application.

  1. Brown or Black Gel Pencil Liner Powers Up the Eyes

Using a gel pencil for eyeliners is more pigmented than a typical eyebrow pencil. They are also less messy than a brush-on gel and liquid liners. These are waterproof liners that create firmer and more defined eyes. To apply, start at the outer part of the eye and work toward the tear duct. Then fill the gaps thoroughly. The dense pigment produces a strong border in the eyes. Then reinforce the eye shape by applying a thin line in the waterline under the upper lashes.

  1. Use a Curler and Black Mascara for the Lashes

Using quality curler will guarantee that it will not pinch, crimp, or break your lashes. To do it, position the open curler close to the base of the lashes and then slowly close and hold it for 30 seconds.  Use black mascara to highlight those lashes. Just slowly roll the mascara wand from the roots to the tips with a zigzag motion so that the concentration of the mascara is at the base where it will thicken the lashes.

  1. Choose Neutral Eye Shadows for the Eyes

Use natural hues for your eye shadows such as warm tones for dark eyes and cool tones for light eyes. This is a great way to accent the eyes. There is no need to do the whole contour if you really want to accept it. For an added look, a pale and shimmery shadow on the lids can sparkle a tired eye and a medium shade can make the eyes appear larger.

  1. Do Not Forget the Brows

The eyebrows also require some attention. Make an effort to fill, extend, and groom them because they are the key to facial expression. Make sure to keep it natural. And use a brow pencil and apply a feathery stroke following the line of hair growth. Then fill in some areas with powder which will cling to the pencil base. Then use a brush or wand to blend them all together.

  1. Choose Glow and Bright Colors for Foundation

Face makeup provides radiance and health look in the face. So, choose the one with a warm and golden shade for a perfect match on the skin. This can counteract any sallow and ashy skin and can neutralize redness.  Then choose a luminous foundation to ensure a light-reflecting effect that will give a blooming complexion. If you want a non-wearing makeup look, choose a dewy and sheer but highly pigmented foundation. The secret here is to have healthy skin and you will no longer need those matte, total coverage, and long-wear face products.

  1. Don’t Forget to Use Makeup Brushes

It always pays to choose quality makeup brushes. A foundation brush will prevent the makeup from settling in the corners and crevices. To use it, start at the center of the face and blend the foundation outward, then move toward the haw and hairline for a seamless application. Then apply a back and forth, and circular motions over the nostrils, under the nose and lips, and in the nose to mouth creases to spread over the excess makeup. Use a concealer brush to blend and apply it under the eyes and too dark spots and blemishes that you want to hide.

  1. Blend Bright Cream Blush on the Cheeks

Blending a cream blush on the cheeks will add energy and life to the face as this gives a natural-looking look. Choose a clear and vibrant shade of rose, pink, red, or apricot depending on the skin tone.

  1. Match Lip Line to Lip Tone

Always match the lip liner to your natural lip tone. Draw some borderline, but correct a faded or thin upper lip line by drawing two points. Then fill in the entire mouth with a lip liner as a base to prevent the lipstick smudges. Try some new shades such as peach, pink, and rose-red color to highlight your white teeth.

If you are a newbie to makeup, these simple hacks application will eventually make you a pro in no time. This will be your guide to your new routine. For more beauty tips, visit online store Boyd's Madison Avenue today!



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