My Boyd’s Story

I fell in love with cosmetics as a child. There was something about watching people transform themselves with makeup that both captivated and intrigued me. I especially loved trips to Boyd’s on Madison Avenue with my mother. We would look at all the new colors, learn about the hottest skincare innovations for the time, and sample the latest designer fragrances.

I especially loved it when my mother would slide into their makeup chair for one of Boyd’s legendary makeovers. I was rapt by the elegant consultants that worked there who, I assumed at my young age, had the greatest job in the world. I hung on their every word. Later, I would recount every detail from the day on our cab ride home. I was crestfallen when Boyd’s closed their doors on Madison Avenue. I had no idea where I would find my favorite lip gloss.

I am now thrilled to learn that Boyd’s is having a makeover of its own. After seventy years, the New York City landmark that was a trusted name for countless celebrity clients the likes of Madonna and Cher, socialites such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and scores of NYC notables is back with a new home online. Now this legendary name in beauty will be available to anyone outside of the 212 area code. Whether its legacy beauty brands like Anita of Denmark or Longcil or gorgeous mirrors by Brot, you can find all their amazing products in one place.

Kimberley Kladis


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