Which is the Best Makeup? Natural or Conventional

These days, women who are into cosmetics were confused about which one really is good for them.  And with the different kinds of makeup sold these days, buying best makeup online seems hard. However, knowing which makeup is really best for you will give you peace of mind.

There is a lot of different makeup label on the market today. Some of these are natural which means it contains ingredients that are non-synthetic and natural.

All-natural product means that all of the ingredients used come from nature.

Makeup made with organic ingredients means that most of the ingredients are organic and no synthetic chemicals involved in it. And 100% organic means that all ingredients are organic standard.

As we know it, a natural organic makeup contains all-natural products and no synthetic. The main difference between natural makeup and regular makeup is perhaps the preservatives that were put into the product. The latter usually use chemical preservatives to make it last for long, however, there is a greater chance of getting harmful effects from prolonged use of it.

Like chemicals known as triclosan and parabens, which are commonly found among synthetic makeup brands, these are associated with cancer and endocrine system diseases. Other products like Hairspray and nail polish which contain phthalates are known to have a negative effect on the endocrine processes and reproductive systems.

There’s a long list of other harmful ingredients in synthetic makeups that are proven to have a negative effect instead of making you beautiful.

Difference between natural and organic

Truly, for natural and organic makeup, to be considered natural and organic must not contain any of these harmful ingredients. The only difference is that, most of this organic skincare and makeup products have a shorter shelf life than conventional products. This is because, they do not contain preservatives.

This simply means that natural cosmetics are healthier and safer than conventional products. They do not contain synthetic ingredients that can interfere with the natural body processes. This makes them the best makeup option when buying one.

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Although, there is no scientific evidence yet that can prove that natural cosmetics are better for the face and skin than the conventional products. For some people with sensitive skin, synthetic ingredients in cosmetics can be irritating.

That’s why some opt for natural and organic ones. It's actually a matter of preference if which best makeup to use, either synthetic or organic. It is best to read reviews from people who already tried the product.

For a tip, it is good to look at its eco-friendly and organic label. Having a USDA label for organic cosmetics can also help in making choices.  If you are looking for a trusted makeup online seller, we can recommend buying it from Boyd’s shop online. They offer a wide array of organic makeup and skincare products from soap, lipstick, moisturizer, toner, and a lot more. You can be sure, that all ingredients are organically made and even enriched with vitamin C and E to keep your skin and face healthy, glowing, and free from any harmful ingredients.

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