Pop of Color

Hello, Beauties!

"Let's give this neutral scheme a pop of color"

"Let's really make a statement against that black dress by adding a pop of color to your eyelids."

We’ve all heard designers and makeup artists have grossly overuse this phrase. But what else can you say, when you are restlessly poking through your closet, or rearranging your old furniture, looking for a little pick-me-up, something to brighten up the room, or your face, without breaking your budget? A pop of color is just enough to change the landscape, or face-scape. Pop - just like a champagne cork! It's a smaller, cuter, far more discreet and effective than pow! Did you ever see someone whose style is like a blow to your senses? Too many patterns, colors, accessories, labels….POW!

Most of us have our color preferences. Are you a fan of red; passion, danger, heat? Or orange, evoking a sense of warmth, glow, health, and youth. Shades of green can suggest life, sustainability, wealth, prestige or luxury, while blue is the most universally popular color, associated with the sea, the sky and the emotions of trust, calm and peace. Purple is in a class all its own, connoting royalty, spirituality, elegance and everyone’s favorite - Cadbury eggs!

Of course, we all know that "pop" can refer to the genre of popular music or culture, but who knew that "pop" is also used as an acronym in sports, science and technology?  Consider these phrases: Princess of pro-wrestling, Pop off a stack, Point of presence, and Package on package. Sounds like a babe who knows how to shop! Seriously, haven't you seen the ones that wrestle that last bargain out of somebody's hands?

So here's what you do: put on that little black dress with those little black shoes, matching black handbag, and add a pop. Barbara Glenn has some great tips for choosing and using color. Have fun!  

Barbara used her six step eyeshadow placement to achieve colorful eyeshadow looks . First, use neutrals first then add color on the inner and outer half of the eye area.

Six steps eyeshadow placement


Step 1. Use a light shadow (yellow, pink, cream) under the brow area.

Step 2. Apply a peach or pink on the lid.

Step 3. Light turquoise  on the inner third of the lid.

Step 4. Royal blue on the outer half of the lid.

Step 5. Dark brown on the crease area.

Step 6. Use a loose powder in frost tones are used in the middle of the eyelid (magic dot)

Not a fan of blue? Use light and dark green on the inner and outer half of the eye, or light pink and violet with dark purple on the brow bone.

To go ultra modern and dramatic, use bright pink or red all over the lid.

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