How To Put On Makeup For Beginners? Tips that Really Works on your skin

Just started with your makeup collection and daily routine, but do not have any idea how it works. Do not fret! You just came to the right place. If you are new to the beauty and makeup world, here’s is the perfect guide for beginners.

So, here’s how to put on makeup for beginners just like you!

Always start with a clean face

Look for a skincare routine first that really works for you. It will make a big difference if you always start with a clean face. If you are too busy to do a full skincare routine on a daily basis, just use water and top it off with Boyd’s hydrating cleanser and moisturize with SPF.

The best tip is to have a solid skincare routine before applying your makeup routine.

If the product does not work for you, do not worry about it, you can try to look for something else that works with your skin needs.

Do your eyes first, foundation and concealer last

Most beginners start with a foundation and other skin products, but an easy makeup tip is to always start with the eye makeup. Since, if you mess up with your eyeshadow you can easily clean it and cover the blemishes with concealer after.

Go to mascara and eyeliner 

This simple beauty hack just simply allows you to apply these makeups smoothly later. You can put your mascara and eyeliner in your cleavage, and leave it there while you finish the rest of your face.

So, by the time you apply your mascara, it is already warmed up and is less clumpy when applied to your eyelashes.

Having eyeshadow primer can do a lot

Another quick makeup tips for beginners is to apply eyeshadow primer since this can make your eyeshadow last longer and even make it more look pigmented. The primer on the eyelids can be the real turning point to make those lashes look really stunning.

Choose the right eye shadow brush

The general rule in applying makeup for beginners is to always use the right type of brushes. Beginners usually fail to understand why blending brush isn’t packing on the pigment.

You may not actually use your makeup products to their full potential if you are not applying them the right way, especially when it comes to blending eyeshadows.

Swatch some foundation and wear different light if matches

Do not trust the sales tellers that tell you it fits you. Before you buy your Boyd’s foundation, make sure to wear it around using the tester and try it in different lighting to make sure it is a real match. Then wait for at least 15 minutes, since foundation products oxidize once they are on the skin which makes changes in color.

Try different ways to contour your face

Better make sure you are doing it the right way for your face shape. Learn some ways on how to apply Boyd’s contour in a different way. A heart shape face contour may not work on an oval face, so it is best to determine the shape of your face first and the proper way to do the contour.

A simple trick for bronzing the face is doing the E3 method. To do this, simply start at the top of the forehead, then bronze down on the side of the hairline along with the temple, then the hollow part under the cheekbone.  Then finally, go down from your ear along the jawline.

Use a color corrector to help your foundation

If you have redness in your face showing up after putting the foundation, use a color correcting palette before you opt for the foundation. For the best tip, use green to cover up the redness, yellow to cover up the purpleness and purple color to cover up the yellowness.

There you have it, if you just started with your makeup for beginners routine, this guide will walk you through on how to put on makeup for beginners. In no time, you can master the art of makeup application and become a pro over time.  

For more makeup tips for beginners, visit Boyd’s Madison Avenue.

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