Smokey Eye

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This week we're having fun creating the Smokey eye effect. So there you are, a special event looming on your calendar and you're staring into the mirror, wondering, "Can I carry it off, this Smokey eye look?"

The answer is yes! Perfect a Smokey eye at any age, whether you going for a Kim Kardashian or a Cleopatra look-alike. Did you know that kohl was used around the eyes by Egyptian queens as far back as 3500 BC? It was believed to protect the eyes from infections and from the harsh rays of the sun.

The Smokey eye is a classic, iconic look that is so worth the effort, so universally flattering, but so tricky to pull off, unless you have a tried and true strategy for applying your makeup. Overdo it, and you will look, well, smoked. You want your eyes to be defined; sultry, with depth, eyes that draw you in. As Audrey Hepburn said, "The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” It doesn't hurt to conjure up a passionate memory to fire up your energy and give your eyes that extra smolder!

Obviously, using the right brushes with the right products is a big factor in the outcome. While we're on the subject, are your brushes clean?  New? Are they losing their crisp angles? Do you own the right sharpening tools for the pencils? If not, you can refresh your stock here.

The majority of makeup artists recommend that if you are focusing on creating that Smokey eye effect, start with the eyes first, before applying your foundation and contouring. Reason? You will be using more product for this process, and will want to avoid accidental "dusting" of liner, shadow, etc. on top of your foundation. Use a good base primer over your eyelids and around the eyes, to even out fine lines and wrinkles. For women 45 and wiser? Easy on the shimmer and glimmer. Matte shades and finishes are more flattering.

Boyd’s make up artist Barbara Glenn will take it from here. Don't forget to look at yourself in the mirror and practice your "smize.”

To achieve the Smokey eye (a la Kim Kardashian) start with the following steps.


Start by placing concealer all over the eyes and under the eyes, with your regular foundation.

Step 2:

Place your concealer along the sides of your nose, mouth, and chin.

Step 3:

Apply mineral powder all over the face.


Fill in your brows to create a fuller, thicker look.

Step 5:

Apply cream color shadow lighter than your foundation from from lash line to brow area.

Step 6:

Apply light grey shadow from lid to crease area

Step 7:

A dark grey shadow is applied on the crease area and outer 1/2 of the lid to all the way under the eye area. You can use a dark brown or burgundy shadow over the dark grey on the crease line to outer 1/2 of the lid.

Step 8:

Place a soft black waterproof pencil all over the top lid continuing out past the end of the eye, all under the eye and inside the eye. Use the smudger at the end of the pencil to blend the under eye area out towards the temple and into the crease area. This will create the smoky effect.

Step 9:

Apply at least 2 or 3 coats of mascara. If you want more drama, use false eyelashes

Step 10:

Apply your bronzer on your cheeks, chin and forehead, followed by your blush in the same exact areas.

Step 11:

Outline your lips with a brown pencil. Use a pinkish brown lipstick and a light pink lip gloss. For more drama use a bright red lipstick.

Remember more is more in this Smokey look!


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