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Boyd’s of Madison Avenue has been a common thread running through the fabrics of fashion and beauty for years, influencing both the private and public personas of the cosmetic industry.   

Examine that thread more closely and you will see that it is anything but "common"; it stands out as a wild and colorful sequence of innovations, passing through decades of change, trending and blending with the times.

Boyd’s as a brand developed itself in much the same way as an ingénue transforms herself into a beauty queen: through intuition, creativity, and a willingness to try something different.

Let's look at the amazing and exciting career of Twiggy, a very famous ingénue whose legacy continues to expand and diversify. Her career in fashion, film, music and charitable causes has earned her 2 Golden Globe Awards and multiple nominations for Tony Awards.

Twiggy has graced the covers of Vogue and The Tattler, modeled in France, Japan, and the US, and has also appeared as a judge on America's Next Top Model.  

Lesley Hornby, aka Twiggy, was born on September 19, 1949, in a north-east suburb of London. Because of her thin, waif-like appearance, she was nicknamed "Sticks". As the youngest of three girls, Lesley showed a talent for tailoring and design. Her mother taught her to sew and she made her own clothing from an early age. In January of 1966, Hornby impulsively had her hair colored and cut short in an upscale London salon.

She had no intention of becoming a model; the owner and celebrity stylist Leonard was looking for volunteers on which to practice his new crop haircut.  A series of headshots taken of Hornby with her new hairstyle was hung in his salon. It wasn't long afterward that they were noticed by Deirdre McSharry, a fashion journalist from the Daily Express, who asked to meet the young girl. The sixteen-year-old Lesley Hornby was then featured in an article which named her "The Face of '66." Her hairdresser boyfriend Nigel Davies subsequently became her manager and persuaded her to change her name to Twiggy, an adaptation of her childhood endearment.

Her rise to fame was meteoric: within one year Twiggy was a celebrity, a pop icon and in today's parlance, a Social Media Influencer!

Twiggy was the first model to promote an androgynous commercial look. As more top designers adopt "gender-fluid" appearances, our culture is shifting towards embracing the androgynous beauty in all of us. Twiggy dared to expose in her own creative journey as an artist.

These days Twiggy is still modeling, and designing an exclusive line of eyewear; her favorite young model is Cara Delavigne, whom, Twiggy notes, is "not just a model, but a personality. There are so many more girls nowadays who want to become a model based on someone else's look. Be yourself!"  

Let's see how Barbara Glenn, our Chief makeup Artist, recreates The Twiggy Trend with Boyd’s signature mascara.

twiggy eye look

How to get Twiggy eye look:

  • Use a white eyeshadow all over the eye from lid to brow.
  • Using a brown shadow, draw a line along the crease of the eye from inner to outer corners. Continue by going over the brown shadow with a black shadow for a smoky eye effect.
  • Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw a thin line along the lash line extending slightly downward at the end of the eye.
  • Twiggy’s iconic lashes are achieved by drawing the bottom lashes one at a time, separated with your back eyeliner brush.
  • Her top lashes are achieved by using at least 4 coats of high volume mascara.
  • To finish the look, use a contour powder to create a high cheekbone effect. Finish off with a light pink lipstick.

Happy Twiggy-ing :)

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