Plisson Gray Pearl Handle Shaving Brush with Genuine White Badger Bristles

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About Plisson Gray Pearl Handle Shaving Brush with Genuine White Badger Bristles

Description: This resin handled brush is made with the softest European White Badger hair. It's great for sensitive skin and can be used to shave every day. Can be used with shaving cream or soap. Cleans up easily after use. Handmade and assembled in France in the same tradition that dates back to 1808.

Instruction for Use:

The best moment to shave is in the morning, just after a shower and before breakfast: your hair, consisting mainly of keratin, are softer and easier to cut, and the skin of your face less fragile. Prepare your shaving foam by loading the brush with soap or shaving cream. Use of products called " shaving preparation " is twofold: it boosts hydration of the hair by removing its fat layer (sebum) and secondly, protects your skin from the aggression of the blade.

1/ With shaving soap: Your face is beforehand wet (ideally after a shower), quickly place your brush under warm water and lather the soap inside the bowl (without crushing the hair) until obtaining a thick and creamy lather. Apply it to your face in circular motions for a minute or two, the time to soften and straighten enough the hair from your beard.

2/ With shaving cream: Once your face prepared and the shaving brush moistened with warm water, put a small amount of cream on top of the brush and lather the face for one to two minutes as described above. Some users prefer to file directly a trace of cream on each cheek with the tube, then they emulsify it with the brush.

To maintain the quality of your shaving brush for many years, we recommend rinsing it well after each use to remove all traces of cream or soap and to drain it. Then rub it gently on a towel before putting it upside down on a suitable stand.

About the Brand: 

Founded in 1808 by Georges Plisson, the factory of shaving brushes Plisson quickly gained a significant reputation. Plisson became the official supplier of the Emperor Napoleon.

Since the nineteenth century, Plisson is the reference to the greatest of this world. King Hassan II , Farouk of Egypt, the Emir of Qatar, Jean Marais , Charles De Gaulle and even Pope Pius XI were among the followers of the brand.

"There are shaving brushes and there are Plisson" say professionals of shaving. Since nearly 200 years, Plisson is the golden standard in shaving brushes and a recognized expert in the world of shaving.

Today the shaving brushes Plisson are still handmade in the great tradition of artisans of luxury.

The bristles are first gathered together in a clump and then hand shaped to form the bouquet. Once tied, it is stuck on his mount. Ultimate toilet can give it volume. The brush is finally ready.