Banho Lemon Verbena Soap in a colorful yellow & blue package by Claus Porto
Claus Porto Banho Citrus Verbena, 12.4 oz. Bath Soap - Boyd's Madison Avenue
Claus Porto

Claus Porto Banho Citrus Verbena, 12.4 oz. Bath Soap

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About Claus Porto Banho Citrus Verbena

Description: This Citrus Verbena soap is formulated with 100% vegetable oils, is blended with shea butter extract for a smooth and creamy lather. It is laminated up to three times in order to create a long-lasting soap bar. Fragrances are added to subtly scent the skin. Hand-packed in illustrated wrapping adorned with original graphics from Claus Porto’s archives..

Banho’s scent boosts the fresh, citric aroma of lemon and verbena. This combined with musk to add depth to this breezy fragrance. 
It is presented in china blue and orange packaging, that is evocative of Portugal’s Azulejo (ceramic) tiles. 

Top Note: mint.
Heart Note: lemon and verbena.
Base Note: musk.

12.4 oz. Net Wt.

About the Brand: The roots of Claus Porto are German founders and Portuguese. The marriage of these two European identities went on to create a venerable beauty and fragrance house, which marks its 130th anniversary in 2017.

The label built its name on hand-crafted soaps infused with fine fragrances, which draw on ingredients from Portugal’s lush countryside. These products are imbued with an artisan’s heart and soul, and are wrapped by hand in packaging illustrated with beautiful art work.