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Boyd's Automatic Lip Liner - Boyd's Madison Avenue
Boyd's Automatic Lip Liner - Boyd's Madison Avenue
Boyd's Automatic Lip Liner - Boyd's Madison Avenue
Boyd's Automatic Lip Liner - Boyd's Madison Avenue
Boyds Madison Avenue

Boyd's Automatic Lip Liner

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About Boyd's Automatic Lip Liner

Description: Boyd's Automatic Lip Liner is the perfect tool for anyone "on the move". No need to sharpen; simply roll the up and glide on to define your lip line. The stay-put formula will not bleed or run. It can also be used all over lips as a base for color.

The automatic lip liner defines and plumps your lips, it also prevents lipstick from bleeding, making it last even longer!  Its retractable point stays sharp from one application to the next.

A soft and smooth, retractable lip liner that never needs sharpening! This automatic lip liner has a rounded point that applies color smoothly and evenly without pulling or tugging the lip area. Flawless, rich and true color payoff that is long lasting. These amazing lip liners are a great addition to your collection.

How to Apply: Choose any of our automatic lip liners that best matches your lipstick or lip gloss color.  

Apply lip liner by following the natural line of the lips or filling lips in completely for a bold look. 

For smaller shaped lips, outline the inside of the lip are before applying lipstick. For full and pouty lips, outline the outside edges.

About the Brand: The legacy of Boyd’s is one of classic beauty and glamour. Situated on Madison Avenue and 61st Street in Manhattan, Boyd’s Cosmetics was the beauty destination for fabulous New York women of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

Originally named 'Boyd’s Chemists' in the 1940s, the apothecary faced overwhelming competition when discount drug stores began to crop up in the '60s. That's when Carol Fader, Boyd's Vice President, and co-owner combined her keen imagination with her love of fashion, culture, and make-up to spark an avant-garde revolution in the cosmetics industry.