Boyd's Sealed Lips
Boyd's Sealed Lips

Boyd's Sealed Lips

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About Boyd's Sealed Lips

Description: With Boyd's Sealed Lips, lipstick will be completely and beautifully sealed all day. No more lipstick smudges. No more lipstick creeping into cracks and crevices, no more lipstick on teeth, clothes and napkins.

Application: Use the tip of the applicator to create an outline along the edge of the lips.  Then, glide the flat side of the applicator across the center of the lips to evenly distribute the lip sealer and to prevent smudges from the lipstick.

About the Brand: The legacy of Boyd’s is one of classic beauty and glamour. Situated on Madison Avenue and 61st Street in Manhattan, Boyd’s Cosmetics was the beauty destination for fabulous New York women of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. 

Originally named 'Boyd’s Chemists' in the 1940s, the apothecary faced overwhelming competition when discount drug stores began to crop up in the 60's. That's when Carol Fader, Boyd's Vice President and co-owner combined her keen imagination with her love of fashion, culture and make-up to spark an avant-garde revolution in the cosmetics industry.