Brot ELEGANCE 24 Spot 9 1/2 Inch Lighted Mirror on Adjustable Pedestal

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Description: This spot illuminated mirror is on a pedestal that adjusts from 17" to 24" in height. Available in a variety of finishes and magnifications of 5X, 3 Optical Glass, and 7 Optical Glass.

Made in France.

About the Brand: It is early in the 18th century that we were able to find employees named Brot and it is to one of them, François Brot, that the famous House owes its establishment in 1826, in the heart of the Old Paris, near the historic Place de la République. Immediately recognized, Miroir Brot achieves a great success and takes place very quickly at the first rank in its field both in France and throughout Europe.

In 1875, Brot creates and patents an absolutely revolutionary mirror, the triple mirror which immediately acquires a worldwide reputation. This is the mirror that the Connoisseur simply call 'un miroir Brot'. Some pieces are unique, being produced to client's own specification, many others are made in bulk, but all retain the hallmark of the Brot Tradition. The consistent and unequalled quality of Brot’s mirrors sets as worldwide reference.