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Biologico Gel Organic Cleanser Toning Mist with Rosewater

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About Biologico Gel Organic Cleanser

The Biologico by Boyd's Organic Cleanser is a USDA Certified gel cleanser with high concentrations of antioxidants and Vitamin C from Amla extracts and in combination with organic soap base, provide gentle cleansing without the irritants, sulfates or harsh chemicals.

Enhanced with fine oils, this cleanser provides added moisture and nutrition that help tame skin irritations, acne and redness, leaving the skin soft, supple and balanced. Use morning and night. Follow up with Boyd's Biologico Organic Toning  Mist with Rosewater.

Denotes organically produced ingredient 

None remains after saponification into soap

Certified Organic Ingredients: 95-100%

1.7 fl oz/50 mL

Made in Canada