Insta peel Exfoliating towlettes in a green box
insta peel exfoliating towlettes
Insta Peel exfoliating towelettes in a bowl

Instant Peel by Earthen

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About Instant Peel by Earthen

Description: InstantPeel™ is the number one selling Earthen product. It was created as an alternative for those who do not want harsh acid face peels and dermabrasion.

Its unique combination of proteins and enzymes gently peel away dead skin cells on your face and all over your body.

This peel has been clinically tested for sensitivity and proven safe for even the most delicate of skin.

The proof is right at your fingertips! InstantPeel is so easy to use on any part of you body.

Peel Activator Treatment,exfoliates to remove dull and dry skin

No Glycolic Acid - has Citric Acid Peel for Acne, Scars, Age Spots & Lines

Each box includes six packets.

About the Brand: Earthen believes that everyone's journey is different when it comes to self discovery and building confidence. They believe that skincare routine reflects more than just achieving the perfect complexion. It's having the perseverance and tenacity to discover your best self in order to live a fulfilled life.

Our goal: Help people glow and radiate confidence through naturally derived ingredients