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Boyd's Opal Facial Roller

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As seen on the October 4th edition of the Today Show, facial rolling is HOT,HOT, HOT. Introducing the Boyd's Opal Facial Roller. Facial rolling has been around for centuries in China as a way to aid in lymphatic drainage and combat wrinkles and puffiness. Because the lymphatic system helps the body detox, lymphatic drainage is key to helping you look and feel your best. The gentle massaging action of the roller aids to improve circulation and blood flow to the face. 

The massaging action is also very self soothing. By gently rolling the the opal  stone over the skin, you create a relaxing sensation to help de-stress from a hard day. Place the roller in the fridge for a cooling sensation to depuff tired eyes.

Opal stones have long been associated with emotional stabilization. It also is said to release inhibitions when worn and create loyalty and fidelity.