Brot AZUR Double Armed, Illuminated Mirror, 7 X 9 Inches (18 cm X 23 cm)

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The model “AZUR” is with LED light and digital touch sensor switch. This mirror was designed based on all the recommendation received from our Hotel customers requesting from us a clean design with a thinner casing and a brighter light. When folded the arms are hidden behind the mirror. 

The lighting color (“lumière du jour”) was chosen to best approximate daylight and therefore is most suitable for applying makeup.

We favor our products for both the quality (stiffness of the arms made in grade-A brass) with our impeccable finish and  the ease of maintenance. we also offer an after-sale service with the availability of all parts we manufacture.

The mirror offers a 3X magnification.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Made in France