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Mason Pearson Detangler

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About Mason Pearson Detangler

Description: The Detangler is perfect for all hair but particularly effective on full hair to remove knots and tangles without damage. It's nylon bristles should be used on wet hair.

How to Use: After shampooing or exercise, use detangler to brush hair. Well suited for all-round use for dense or coarse hair. Great for working out knots and tangles after shampooing.

About the Brand: Mason Pearson is a family business with its roots in the peak of the Industrial Revolution. Discover 130 years of our craftsmanship and innovation.

Mason Pearson incorporated the knowledge from his time in the wool processing industry to spark the invention of an automatic brush-boring machine to speed up the process of brush making and, in 1885 public recognition of this resulted in his being awarded a Silver Medal at the International Inventions Exhibition in London.

In the same year he extended the idea to the inspirational ‘pneumatic’ rubber-cushion hairbrush.

It took until 1905 to improve and hone his technique, much of which was still required to be done by hand.