Niko Liquid Shimmer Cream, 1.7 oz.

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About Niko Liquid Shimmer Cream

Description: Niko Liquid Shimmer Glamour Cream makes the skin sparkle with that luxurious 'dewy' look.

This glowing lotion has a soft sheen to bring light to any place you want to glow.

Made with a mineral based formula for optimun purity. 1.7 oz

Made in Canda

Application: Use it to highlight the eye, the face, décolleté or shoulders. The shear formulation creates a soft glamorous look.

or highlighting the eye, use the eye shadow applicator or blend it with your finger, for larger areas a blusher brush can be used. Add it to your body cream for a softer look with just a hint of shimmery dewyness.

About the BrandNiko Mineral Make-up was designed to answer the demands of the digital revolution. Photography and television not only have gone digital, but they have moved to high definition. With the introduction of finer details and greater digital picture clarity, traditional make-up generally does not perform well when photographed or filmed under these conditions

Niko's unique formula has revolutionized mineral make-up. Niko Hi-Def Mineral Foundation smoothly blends with your features allowing your skin tones to contribute to the natural appearance of your complexion. This state-of-the-art formula with minerals that gently reflects light, gives your face a soft focus that camouflages imperfections and can help make your expression very expressive.