Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridges-10 Count

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About Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridges-10 Count

Description: Personna Pivot Plus blades fit both Trac II and Atra Razors. Many consider these to be the finest cartridge razors blades ever produced. All 10 cartridges in each pack are easily changed out, and they fit TracII and Atra Razors. Superb value and quality.

  • Fit both Gillette Atra and Gillette Trac II Razors -10 Cartridges per pack
  • Lubricating Strip to help blade edges slide over your skin
  • Platinum/Chromium plated blades for longevity and sharpness
  • Manufactured in the USA, yet much less expensive than most competive products

About the Brand: Personna, already renown as a top blade manufacturer, presents the Twin Pivot Plus. The Personna Twin Pivot Plus cartridge blades possess the convenience, comfort, and close shave you desire. These cartridge blades go through a state-of-the-art grinding and honing process, and the cartridge itself has a lubricating strip attached as well which allows for that silky, smooth shave.