Wardani leather headband 5/8" Coral
Wardani leather headband 5/8" citrus yellow
orange leather headband wardani
Wardani leather headband 5/8" aqua
Wardani leather headband 5/8" lavender
Wardani leather headband 5/8" Minty green
Wardani leather headband 5/8" purple
Wardani Italian leather 5/8" headband denim

Wardani Genuine Italian Leather Headband in Bright Collection, 5/8 Inch Wide, Handmade in New York

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Description: Handmade in their Brooklyn atelier, Wardani headbands are made from the finest Italian leathers available.  Each item is carefully crafted to exacting standards.

Available in a wide range of colors and textures, Wardani hair accessories are on the cutting edge of the latest trends.

Made in USA.

About the Brand: With over 12 years of experience behind, Wardani founder Milan Wardani has been successfully removing and reducing tangled tresses everywhere. A brief stint in Wall Street's corporate world convinced Milan to create a more deep-rooted creative streak, and fashionable yet functional women's accessories. These were made of high-quality headbands featuring hand-made attention to detail.