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perfect hair brush

A few months back, I started a quest to find the perfect hairbrush. My once thick abundant, hair had been thinned somewhat by the sudden onset of a thyroid issue. It was my stylist who alerted me as he had suffered from thyroid issues since the age of 19.

I was oblivious to the signs; my weight was out of control, I was constantly exhausted, and grumpy.

 “Get to the doctor soon. From the look of your hair, I think there’s something serious going on with your thyroid. There’s been a big change since I saw you last”.

Those were words I didn’t need to hear twice. 

I made an appointment and my doctor soon confirmed my stylist’s suspicions. I would need medication for the rest of my life.

Once I started treatment, my goal was to get my once lustrous locks back into shape. I began by looking for a good hair supplement (Sugar Bear Hair) and eating a healthy diet rich in essential fatty acids.

My haircare routine became a concern also.

I wanted to ensure that the products I used were not putting any undue “stresses on my tresses”.

My research led me to a quest for “clean” haircare products and a friend suggested that I try Mon Shampoing, a customizable, “clean” haircare line that was free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

I use the “Delicate” essential oil ampule in the Mon Shampoing shampoo base and the Fine/Soft ampule in their conditioner base.

I knew I had one more hurdle to tackle and that was a new hairbrush.

My plastic drugstore brush wasn’t doing me any favors. I was nervous about dragging the plastic teeth through my wet hair fearing that I would pull out more strands. I reached out to my stylist again for a recommendation. He suggested that I look for a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles or pins.

The pins would detangle my hair without adding more stress while the natural boar bristle would redistribute the natural scalp oils.

I immediately fell in love with the Regincos Yoga brush, a flexible mixture of both synthetic and natural bristles that feel fantastic. The bristles glide through my hair without the slighted tug.

He also suggested that I consider a brush that added a massaging action while brushing. Scalp massage increases blood flow to the scalp nourishing roots and follicles. I immediately thought of the Janeke Superbrush.

The unique honeycomb pad and sparsely placed pins gently stimulate the scalp without scratching. Blow drying is a breeze as the Super brush allows airflow.

It can even be used to distribute the product through stressed strands.

My stylist recommended that, as my hair became healthier and thicker, I should invest in a natural boar bristle brush. It would smooth the hair shaft and cuticle while adding shine and distributing natural oils. He also said that the brush should also have a pneumatic pad for cushioning and scalp comfort.

I compared several brushes based on price, materials, and size. I have narrowed it down to the Janeke large natural bristle brush. The large paddle appeals to me and the soft padding will be ideal for my tender scalp. I also love that it is made in Italy.

My hair is looking a lot fuller and thicker as of late. I take my medication faithfully and am obsessed with following a sound haircare regime.  

Above all else, I have vowed to be more cognoscente of any changes in my body and not to ignore any obvious warning signs. I am grateful to my stylist for opening up my eyes.

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