Boyd's Renoir Miracle Concealer Pencil Coverup
Boyd's Renoir Miracle Concealer Pencil Coverup

Boyd's Renoir Special Cover Pencil #8 - Miracle Concealer Pencil

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Description: Blendable coverage with the precision of a pencil? We’ve got you covered. Boyd’s Cover Pencil’s lightweight formula masterfully conceals spots or blemishes and fits perfectly in your purse or clutch. Highlight features while eliminating discoloration, any time, anywhere.

Application: This is perfect for applying and blending concealer under eyes or for small-area coverage to cover up some scars and other blemishes. 

About the Brand: The legacy of Boyd’s is one of classic beauty and glamour. Situated on Madison Avenue and 61st Street in Manhattan, Boyd’s Cosmetics was the beauty destination for fabulous New York women of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. 

Originally named 'Boyd’s Chemists' in the 1940s, the apothecary faced overwhelming competition when discount drug stores began to crop up in the 60's. That's when Carol Fader, Boyd's Vice President and co-owner combined her keen imagination with her love of fashion, culture and make-up to spark an avant-garde revolution in the cosmetics industry.